PD Materials

My YouTube Screen Captures, Tech Conference Presentations & Gull Lake PD Session Materials

YouTube Channel: Many "How-to" screen captures

Below is a collection of some of the Gull Lake District PD session materials.

                 How to use your GL Apps                                Student Created definitions
Using Your GL Apps Account                    Student Created Definitions for Content Vocabulary

                     Google Safe Search                                       Ryan Tech Device Cart 
Google Safe Search Settings                    iPad/MacAir Cart Proceedures

                  Typing Time Class Set Up                          Student Created Definitions
  TypingTime Set Up                       Student Created Definitions for Content Vocabulary

Audio and QR Codes                                                      3-5 Fall PD
Embed Audio on SchooWires and Use QR Codes                          3-5 Fall PD Session 

Specials Teachers Fall PD                                           K-2 Fall PD         
Specials Fall PD Session                         K-2 Fall PD Session 

Winter Conference Sign Up                               Fall Conference Sign Up 
Winter Conference Schedule How To                      Please Add a Title  

             K-5 Spring PD                   Discovery Education Overview

Spring K-5 Tech Training                        GL Discovery Education PD